Release Notes


ICU libraries missing from Linux Qt wheels

The ICU libraries were missing from the Linux Qt v6.7 wheels.

Resolves #10


Bundle new QtQuick support libraries

The QtQuick3DHelpersImpl, QtQuickControls2MacOSStyleImpl and QtQuickTimelineBlendTrees libraries added to Qt v6.7.0 are now bundled.

Resolves #8

Missing LICENSE file

The missing LICENSE file was added.

Resolves #7


Migration to GitHub

The project repository has been migrated to GitHub.

PyQt-builder is now licensed under the BSD-2-Clause license.

The project has now been migrated from to setuptools_scm and pyproject.toml.

The documentation is now hosted at Read the Docs.

Resolves #1

Bundle new QtQuick support libraries

The QtQuickPhysics libraries added to Qt v6.6.0 are now bundled.

The QtQuickControls2 style libraries added to Qt v6.6.3 are now bundled.

Resolves #6

Improvements to example documentation

The example in the documentation no longer uses deprecated features that will be removed in SIP v7.

The example is now PyQt6-based rather than PyQt5.

Resolves #5

ABI versions

The default ABI versions are now v12.13 and v13.6.